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Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

Ramsden Park, Toronto

Before I hit the pavement (as in taking a walk) I was running on meagre sleeping power from the night before, but running on some magical fuel nevertheless. I was in one of those creative modes, excited about the temple’s touch-up cosmetic work. Yadu, who’s from the Ukraine, is our local cosmetic handyman wiz, and he has been putting a fresh coat of paint on the interior doors. Each night, while our monks and nuns are asleep, he tackles one of our metal doors with a fresh coat of paint.


Everyone knows how important doors are, how they welcome you to a new opportunity regardless of what edifice you are in, whether it is a temple, ashram, a house, a factory, school, official government or corporate building. A door is an invite to a new wonder.


When Yadu tackles a new door, you can be assured he does so with the ultimate love. The doors are rather plain and simple and at best may have a sign fixed to its surface, but after he touches a new door, it looks solid, neat and clean. It looks serious!


Now, when I mention the word “creative” I was referring to today’s tidy-up of our dear Govinda’s Dining Room. That involved a vigorous cleaning of the food service area. I imposed on my helpers some instruction. May I boldly say that our computer-savvy youth know everything about pushing buttons on a device, but when it comes to cleaning, there’s a bit of a bankruptcy there.


Whatever furniture was readjusted, planters moved, new pictures adorning walls and mops and cloths pushed. It threw me in ecstasy. Even our stunning Garuda statue, needing a bath, was executed by Patrick. A fresh new look all around.

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