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Thursday, November 2nd, 2023

Rosedale, Toronto

This morning at class time, our studious team of young devotees and I explored the character of Vidura. He was quite the walker. He covered a good chunk of what is know as India, and which for some is called 'Bharat'. The journey entailed trekking from one tirtha to the next. 'Tirtha' refers to a sacred space where some miracle occurred, or a pastime place for God and saints where many yajnas or sacrifices took place.

Vidura was a hero in the sense that he protected the pious Pandava clan, gave good counsel, and lived by the truth as a man of "simple living and high thinking." When he made the decision to take a long pilgrimage it was a new feather on his cap. He is truly inspirational also from the point of view that he tolerated many uncalled for insults, but only up to a point.

Our talks about Vidura enthused our Cuban brahmachari, Ganganath, visitor, Dhyana Chandra, and once again, Jagatma and I to walk that autumn trail – not in Bharat, but at Ramsden and David Balfour Parks. It is justified to say our trail along Mud Creek is a tirtha because of repeated walking and meditation on these trails.

Those of us who took to that walk felt that freeing vibe, and so did the other pedestrians we met along way. They may not describe their ambling along in the same way as we would see it. I don't think anyone would argue with the word 'liberating', which has different connotations for different folks. Overall, it's positive.

5 km

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