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Sunday, September 24th, 2023

Barrie, Ontario

Sitting outside the South Shore Centre was an old refurbished train station next to beautiful Lake Simcoe. A middle-aged bearded man with a terrier type pet was seated on a bench. He was soaking in the sun which was my reason for exiting the building. He asked, "What's going on inside?"

"We are celebrating the birth of Krishna," I replied. Actually, all the joyful activity coming form the celebrants was a display of Janmastami and Radhastami combined, Krishna and Radha's birthdays. But my new friend couldn't see, only hear.

"So, it's Krishna, right?" he asked.


"I was always a fan of George Harrison. I keep up with the latest about Krishna through George," he said favourably.

I noticed he had a cap on his head with the seal of the Blue Jays, Toronto's baseball team, so I asked him how the Blue Jays were doing this season. I assumed the playoffs are on.

"Well," he responded in a way indicating they could do better.

"How about I pray for them?"

"That'll help. They need it." We both went on our way. I left for the lake to make a quiet call and I contemplated whether I, as a swami, monk, whatever, had done justice to my new friend. I didn't want to give him a pravachan (a sermon). I felt making a friend first was the way to go. Serious talk is not what everyone is about at first encounter.


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