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Monday, August 21st, 2023

Christie Pits, Toronto

It was good to see a number of devotees come from the US and other regions of Canada to our temple. The draw is a guru and sannyasi who has been involved in our Canadian project of ISKCON for decades. His name is Gopal Krishna Goswami, and it was a joy to spend some moments alone with him in the guest quarters catching up on the latest goings on in the world.


Yet, the world is not in the best state. Wildfires tax us. Floods, hurricanes, and heatwaves are creating chaos. Disasters are displacing people and taking lives. It is horrendous. It is devastating and humbling at the same time. Naturally, one is led to wonder whether we are doing something wrong. Is it karmic reaction as a result of foul play, a deviation from dharma?

The Maharaja and I also talked about positive things. In the face of adversity we are compelled to become introspective and see new horizons.

My evening was sent in rich Krishna consciousness. Seeing Maharaja is a bright spot, and also another Zoom Gita Chat with east coast bhakti students just made the evening. Chapter 2 is such a revelation. Then, Uday and I headed on foot for Christie Pits and back. Crickets are making their appearance through sound these days rather than nights. It’s always an adventure going on Bloor Street as it’s a basic pedestrian thoroughfare. On ending the walk and talk with Uday, I got on the phone with our dear Nityananda who is settling down in Regina. He is a graduate of our Bhakti Academy and is hustling for work; he’s doing the responsible thing.

6 km

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