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Wednesday, January 24th, 2024

Vreed en Hoop, Guyana

Does anything belong to anyone? Well, yes, all things belong to Isvara, God, or in certain terms, the Universe. If we take seriously proclamations such as in the sastra, “Sri Isopanisad” to be more particular, then everything is owned and controlled by the Great One.


In Guyana, as of late, it has become a bone of contention. Next door neighbour, Venezuela, makes claim that Essequibo, which is bordered by the Essequibo River in Guyana, historically belongs to them. This has not been a major issue in the past. At least, I’ve not heard about it since I’ve been visiting Guyana for about fifteen years. Because Guyana is now a place of the oil boom, well, that says it right there. Money! Money! Money!


Putting greed to the side now, I had the pleasure to jump on the vyasasan, the sermonist’s chair, to deliver a class to the ashram boys at the Hare Krishna Study Centre. Then I was driven to downtown Georgetown, for an interview on “Hare Krishna Today”, a regular TV feature. Next, I was taken to Crane, where ISKCON runs a beautiful temple with deities. Finally, the entire community went to the market at Vreed en Hoop, for a padayatra, a chanting-on-foot festival which ended with a stage presentation, including a take on Dracula (believe it or not), some speeches and a full-on dance and chant session. This last item was my contribution.


“Let’s get those limbs and lips moving (Vreed en Hoop) on behalf of the owner and controller of all things, Bhagavan.”

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