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Wednesday, December 13th, 2023

Honolulu, Hawaii

It was a panoramic plus for Gurudas of Hawaii, and I, to hit the peak at the Makapu’s trail overlooking the Pacific. The sun, with stirring clouds, provided super optics. I can justify being here more so as a tourist. I get wowed by the vista. As a spiritualist, I get humbled. “I’m small, maybe even ugly in comparison.”

Gurudas mentioned that I have a choice, to either continue trekking or we motor our way to the Honolulu temple to give Bhagavad Gita class.

“Let’s go for the class”, I replied, but that ‘go’ wasn’t so fast. We got caught up in the morning rush hour. For me, it confirms once again that automobiles rule the world. Back in L.A., two days ago, I witnessed a driver-less car going down Venice Blvd.

Anyways, we arrived, but late, at the temple. There was Ashrama Swami, a former English teacher, on the vyasasan, and with acute etiquette, rolled off that seat to accomodate me as the visitor. The seat just wasn’t large enough for the two of us. The lesson (I came near the tail end” was about yogi, Dhruva, a young 5 year old, but powerful, who gained the attention of Vishnu by dint of his incredible sense control. 

It was beautiful being back with the community here. My last visit was 2018. There are new and old faces. Sweet acquaintances nevertheless.

The rainy season is upon us, here in O’ahu and the island, Maui, tonight’s destination. For now, it’s a fresh new landscape each day., very volcanic though. 

5 km

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