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Updated: Jan 4

Friday, December 29th, 2023

Kitchener, Ontario

Crammed we were in the tiny house, or rather as a big crowd for a housewarming in the suburbs of Kitchener. When you pack them, like a can of sardines, naturally you will be warm.


The new homeowners, Ajay and Kartika, invited us for a blessing to push any possible ghosts outside. The kirtan led by Mahadev and Annapurna, of anything, would scare away ghouls on the strength of the unity of the chanting. Blessing by devotee association was the objective.

I was so pleased to see Nitya-Priya, a rather typical smart girl from the region, and it’s my guess she's of German extract. She’s originally from here, and here is the land of Mennonites. I recall her when young, some twenty years ago, visiting us in Toronto on a spiritual quest. She’s now married and has a lovely daughter, all living currently in New Zealand. 


When it comes to a housewarming, I am inclined to speak about the story of Sudhama, a classmate of Krishna, Himself. In my talk, I went down the trail of wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and saying that 2024 would be a brighter year. I could not refrain from mentioning that it has been tough for us Earthlings in 2023, with so much polarization, hatred, and war. It is a cinch to be nasty. And I quoted a few lines from Hair, the Broadway musical. The band Three Dog Night sang it so well in 1971, when music had more substance. The title of the song is “Easy to be Hard."


“How can people be so heartless?

How can people be so cruel?

Easy to be hard…”

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