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Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Friday, July 28th, 2023

Jackie Parker Park, Edmonton

Some pedestrians and picnickers at Jacki Parker Park were taken by surprise when a host of chanters came in with explosive enthusiasm to do as we like to do – beast those drums, clang the kartalas, and let out all the lung power possible. People were not necessarily having their peaceful excursion in the green, although most approved of our bhakti beatitudes with smiles and dancing to the beat. We just couldn't help ourselves. We were warming up for the following day's Chariot Fest in the Millwoods area.

I think most of the readers know we are abstainers of many things, but we do not consider that having fun is taboo. Our religious expression is one we have a right to. Following in the footsteps of Chaitanya, the Father of Mantra Meditation for this age, is also a priviledge. A happy crew, we were going up and down the trails.

I found myself on a pleasant Zoom call with my siblings to celebrate the birthday of my brother and sister who are twins. We all get together on these occasions making use of technology with benefits, though technology in the world often destroys and can do much damage. That's why I promot the natural mechanics of swinging arms and legs in the form of walking. Indeed, a group of us took to one of those widespread sidewalks in the suburbs. One of the 17-year-olds in the group remarked, "That's the longest trek I've done in a long time!"

"Really?" I said in disbelief. "It's just a mere four kilometres. It's nothing!"


4 km

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