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Friday, June 23rd, 2023

Burnaby, British Columbia

Jaya Govinda and I slept in a tight but true 10 feet by 10 feet cabin, as are the other two off-the-grid cabins, one is a washroom. I took my shower early and headed for one of the best trails you can find in the Saltair district. The passenger train is no more, but next to the old rail is a finely shaped trail that links some of the towns on Vancouver Island together. Slugs and bunnies crossed the trail while I simply stepped clearly in its rather straight direction.


Back we go to return to the mainland of Vancouver itself, and finally Burnaby, where the second annual “Sage the Earth” event takes place tomorrow. I have just been doing the finishing touches to a new poem. In the meantime, three devotees from the States have been practicing their bhakti lyrical rock music. One of them, TK (short for Titiksasva Karunika) has been a personal friend. He and I worked on stage projects together. The existing stage in the lodge in New Vrindavan was our dream some years ago.

In any event, the program is meant to stir up sentiments about our Earth and our environment, a worthy cause. Hopefully we will do justice in bringing about the awareness. There is not a day that goes by that I get agitated over abuse on the environmental issues. Look at all the utensils we use that are harmful. Look at the massive boxes which are warehouses and wholesale shopping outlets, ugly as hell, where beautiful meadows once lay.

8 km
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