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Monday, August 28th, 2023

Vancouver, British Columbia

I spent some time today with two bhakti friends in Central Park with tall trees to shade us. It was by the edge of this calming space that Karuna Sindhu and I walked that last day of my last walk across Canada. It was the end of June 2014, and we encountered a drizzle most of that day.

As I wrote in The Saffron Path, "It was the final day of my fourth trek across Canada. I was walking with companion monk, Karuna Sindhu, through a wet west coast drizzle. There was no plan for a major reception, no pomp and ceremony. Karuna Sindhu and I walked to the entrance of the Krishna temple at 5462 S.E. Marine Drive, in Burnaby, British Columbia. Admittedly, I was tired, but reverentially forged ahead to make my way to the deity of Krishna Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan, to offer my prostrations. We were close enough to the Pacific coast with the finish line a mere 20 kilometres away. This was a home run and an authentic place of pilgrimage, a sacred space.

I had strolled this park with other companions in the past. A nice place. Parks and people, they are so compatible.

God, I wish it would rain. It was been as dry as a bone. Even during the Rath Fest on Sunday, smoke from the wildfires obscured the nearby mountains and skies. Some showers will be as good to the earth as a massage therapist will do to spine, neck, and muscle. In fact, this evening Mahananda from Ukraine did just that. He worked on my body. God, is he good. Did some chiropractic work as well.

4 km

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