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Friday, October 6th, 2023

Kitchener, Ontario

Going to a funeral and showing support is a willing obligation that I like to fulfill. Today's rite for passing was executed by a pandit who spoke in Hindi. In attendance were family and friends of the dearly departed person.

In some respect, the events leading to the death of this middle-aged woman were tragic. She gave up her life after a difficult divorce. Surviving are her two daughters and ex-husband with whom I spent some time and shared some dialogue. I actually didn't know the family personally, but was informed about the lady being a practitioner of bhakti yoga.

One of our younger devotees asked, "How is this possible that someone who has so much faith can end up like this?"

My response was that even if you have the tools, it doesn't mean the project will come out perfectly. We all enter this world with baggage. Some of the that burden is bound to stay with us, although much is lessened. What bhakti should do for us is strengthen our coping skills. It would be safe to say that when you take to devotion, negative karma will speedily get alleviated.

My involvement in funeral events is to introduce mantra chanting and encourage the participation of as many people as possible in the main hall of the funeral near the casket. Chanting is so powerful with its calming and purging effect. Had we not chanted, then only silence and/or grief would have been taken in.

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