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Thursday, April 13th, 2023

Belle Mare, Mauritius

It was another day at the beach with the community. A cyclist, most likely a European tourist, stopped just to hear our kirtan. Our sound is not what you get every day along the stretch of sand and sun in Mauritius. The chap on the bike really liked it. He listened, waved, and moved on with a smile.

Some of our youth, second or third gen within ISKCON, came. They are nice looking, pious youth. We couldn’t convince them that the swim was superior to sitting with their phones. It’s an addiction for sure, but they had questions and were holding them until tonight’s program at the home of Danapati.

So, to fast forward, the large open concept living room of Danapati got filled with families; questions arose around the transgender issues. After an invocation of the masterful sitar playing by Akhilananda, I opened up with speaking about Vishnu and His transgenderism from male to the female Mohini Murti form. The last time I came to Mauritius we engaged so many of the youths in the drama Gods and Demons, which displays the story of conflict, and one way to resolve the story was Vishnu’s transformation. Many of those youths, now four years later, resonated with the pastime.

The actual question surrounding the issue of transgender adjustment can be answered in this way:

One of our guru’s disciples (Prabhupada’s student) wanted to change his sex. Prabhupada implied, “Make up your mind; choose one and move on with service to Krishna.”

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