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Updated: Apr 21

Friday, April 19th 2024

Queen's Park, Toronto

I grew up in a fruit belt area. It was an area called Cedar Springs and the orchards were plenty. In spring the cherry trees would blossom profusely. When young we more or less, took these things for granted. 

Now, today, or let’s say at this time of year, people far from the country side and orchards, seem to go absolutely bananas over the flauntish trees in locations in the city. Vallabha Hari, Uday and I checked out two if those locations - Queen’s Park and Robarts’ library at U of T. These trees sure are attention grabbers. Merely by looking at them you feel closer to Krishna. That is a thought! What if the full image of Krishna, in His beautiful physique, were to walk amongst these pastel saplings. 

I think there were as many cell phones clicking away as there were blossoms on the trees. The excitement is on.

The year I became a monk. I recall my sister, Connie, 1 1/2 year junior to me, was crowned Blossom Queen at high school in Blenheim, Ontario, which is know as the heart of the golden acres. I wonder if they still hold that parent at the school?

What else about blossoms, cheery or otherwise? Well, we all each individual are obliged to blossom as a divine human and show our spiritual side. Not everyone is up for being an awesome blossom. It’s not the time for all but the potential is there. 

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