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Thursday, February 1st, 2024

Sanford, Florida

It was an early rise at the home of Nand Maharaj and Ananda Mayi that started another day of travel. I am used to this. And I was aware that I am not the only one for that spriteful rising. Other passengers to Orlando would be up also, with kids making their way to Disney's fantasy world. My purpose to the city of one of the happiest places on earth was for that medical conference I was talking about. Still, I was happy. 

I met a nice yoga teacher from Ancaster, Ontario, who was quite thrilled about my past walking escapades. Stupid me, I didn't get her name but felt her spirit. She was next to me in the plane. I dozed. She dozed. Early risers sleep easy. 

A nice devotee, Dvaipayana (origins Fiji) and his daughter picked me up and headed for their home in a gated community in Sanford in Seminole county. After a real sleep and a real meal (mostly greens) he drove me to Monroe Lake for a much-needed walk. Manatees swim here. We also saw at a distance an alligator. Florida is known for these creatures. 

I then stayed faithful to my weekly zoom Gita chat which is hosted from Florida but has adherents from other North America people and Europe. But the grand finale to the day was to be at ISKCON Orlando which hasn't changed much since my last visit, Oh Krishna 12 years or more. Nice folks! I was greeted by an eager Kirtan group and also a joyful insistent foot bath team that brought on the water and rose petals. When time allowed for silence, I picked off the shelf "The Nectar of Devotion" read a passage and explored a world beyond Disney for a few penetrating moments. 

5 km

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