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Beverly Beauty

Tuesday, December 12th, 2023

Beverly Hills

At 4:30am, when the devout make their war to the temple on Watseka Ave, Los Angelos, they often come with coats and socks prepared for the December chill. No problem for me. I’m a Canuck and can handle its “freshness”. As is common for me when it comes to Kirtan time and the service of what’s called mangal arati or guru puja, I happily insist on all to participate. If someone is a transcendental wallflower, which means standing at the back and supporting the walls, I will drag them over to touch and taste the ecstasy. It works 99% of the time.

I delivered the Bhagavatam class on the subject of the creation by Brahma. Here again, I employed or engaged the listeners in guessing the words from the purport through charades. This was new for the crowd. I consider that when everyone stays awake, then the presentation was successful. Eyes and ears were at attention. 

Breakfast was varied. The veggies were organic.

Nagara and Mathew took me to Beverly, not to the super-mansion district but some more quiet residential middle-class. Nagara was telling me of one of his tales while on the wilderness trail from Flagstaff, Arizona. He had really been struggling with his trek, putting in the hours, with heat drowning him and loneliness. After a day and a half of not seeing a human being, he was losing hope when suddenly manifested this oncoming hiker. The main thing on Nagara’s mind was: “I need some electrolytes”. “I have some upon request”, said the food traveller.

Nagara, Matthew and I were indeed intrigued to meet a very nce free-spiritedwoman who confessed that the world is very confused and in a big mess. We chanted some mantras right on the street to end a beautiful walk. 

5 km

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