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Tuesday, September 5th, 2023

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Perhaps my last bonding with members of Bhakti Academy in Toronto in water (meaning the lake) for the season was today. Scarborough Bluffs was our morning destination – an amazing cliff panorama set next to clean waters of Lake Ontario. Again I am being conscious of the need for sun, water, and exercise and the leisure that comes from with being on sand and youthful coming. Also I convinced our guest, Hari Lila, A middle-aged Vaishnava, head of our hospital in Mayapura, India, to join us for the fun. Indeed, he considered the swim with our group a therapy.

Gaurav drove me to the airport for the next major assignment in Krishna's service destined for Fredericton. Mahadeva and Annapurna, as musicians, were at the counter haggling over the need to get their instruments in, especially guitar and harmonium. Our flight was smooth and then we were driven to Ravi's house for a sangha. Some new families that moved from bigger cities to this more modest one are helping our community in Fredericton to grow.

In the comfort of Ravi's home complete with houseguests, we merged them with my Tuesday night Zoom Gita Chat. The presence of a few extra folks was powerful. Since Krishna's birth anniversary is tomorrow, I put a question to the group at the end of our session.

"What has bringing Krishna into your life done for you?" The answers were most sincere. Almost everyone expressed their life has improved, if not turned life completely around.


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