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Sunday, June 30th 2024

Huntsville, Ontario

Before our temple sadhana a dedicated time for japa meditation and walking didn't seem like a bad idea for the three of us. We chose the trail which is connected to the boardwalk, a floating one, over the water. And as we took to that bouncy trek we had coming our way a frisky what seemed like a young cyclist with long, flowy white hair.

The closer we got the more he could recognize us. Of course, we stand out. I'm in my monk suit. Mahadeva and Annapurna in sari, also look other-worldly.

"Don't I know you?" I asked as he dismounted.

"Yah! I'm Kim. We met last year. You gave me a book."

"You're right," and as I recalled, Mahadeva pointed out the label on Kim's bicycle tire which read, "Juggernaut." It was just precious to see not only Kim but the label, a derivative of the name of God.

Kim posed for a picture right next to his tire. It was novel to see him again.

We also have a nice shot of a deer we spotted on the way, on grassyland.

Poised also for our camera is the set of Radha Krishna deities in the temple (naturally they don't move).

At the temple I delivered two presentations, Kirtan and class. It is so exciting to see and meet people coming from Kitchner, North Bay, Ottawa, Barrie, Brampton, Toronto, long distances to see this new temple in Huntsville.

7 km

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