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Thursday, January 4th, 2023

The Annex, Toronto

Kathi’s bagels are irresistible. She’s married to Vallabha Hari, MC extraordinaire. They happen to live near the corner of Bloor and Spadina which is on my urban walking route. So tonight, after dealing with oodles of people stuff over the course of the day, I felt a pressure to get out into the fresh—as best as our city could offer—air. 


I cleared the stairs and hit the sidewalk with Navi next to my side. We headed out Bloor west and dropped by Kathi and Vallabha’s for a friendly visit. Sure enough, Kathi whips out these delicious bagels with stuffing of tofu, stewed tomatoes, spices, lettuce and what-not. They are offered to guru and ready for absolute consumption. Navi couldn’t get enough, in other words, he, like myself, fell in love with them.


A reward for an intense day? Most definitely!


I recall how on my first walk in ’96, after a long day’s walking of forty-plus kilometres, I just needed a small prize, which, in the beginning, Dave, my support guy, couldn’t deliver. He was on a no-salt kick and also made crackers out of his rotis. I had much appreciation for his efforts as a master errand boy but when it came to cooking, it was not his forte. I was not getting my nutritional, delectable reward which I felt I deserved after the hard labour of walking through the mountains.


“Kathi, you made our day, today. We love your bagels.” 

4 km

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