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Sunday, January 21st, 2024

Charlieville, Trinidad

It was the third consecutive Hindu Temple I attended during my short stay in the Caribbean area of Trinidad and Tobago. What is unique about this morning’s temple, under construction, is the management by a recent initiate of a Hare Krishna guru in the movement. He is doing the fund-raising for this gorgeous temple which is adorned with various Vedic deities. He is a pandit and a most favourable spiritualist who insists on the presence of our guru, Prabhupada, in picture form, on the altar, along with the parampara, or teachers in our disciplic succession. I am not here to complain at all about an apparent merging of cultures. I’m rather happy to know that a man of Hindu stature has become married to the mission of Chaitanya.


At each new venue, I must conjure up a new take on the magic of Ram’s pastimes. All over the world people are taking advantage of the new Ram temple in Ayodya. This new audience in Charlieville took well to the exile story of Ram. Not one person sat during the sounding of kirtan. All danced so well and simultaneously chanted. 


My evening class, at ISKCON Trinidad, was followed by a Gaur Arati. Again, we incorporated the technique of a combined song and dance. Just watch on the internet or instagram. Dance is rare these days during kirtan chanting. 


I was blessed to meet such nice parishioners—doubly blessed to have a meal with fruit bread cooked in coconut milk with spinach. 

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