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Tuesday, August 29th, 2023

Vancouver, British Columbia


Poetical pundits describe his unique skin colour

One that's diametrically the opposite to Krishna, his brother

It's the hue of a full white autumn cloud

Whereas his male sibling's is dark and loud

Balarama is no small person, he has power

Bala implies he will definitely not cower

To any superhuman challenges such as lifting planets

To compare, Krishna merely hoisted up a hill of granite

Both heroes take to such grandiose robust scales

And both impress us with dances in the forest with females

A dance that's transcendent beyond human scope

They also celebrate the festival of chariots and ropes

It's a family reunion shared between brothers and sister

A major event enacted for all misses and misters

While all three are lauded as members of Absolute Truth

Balarama maintains a weakness with a honey-sweet tooth

When Krishna drove his chariot as a war participant

Balarama resigned to walking a trail, sacred and imminent

His martial skills include fighting with a gada

His mastery of the craft is outlined in the Mahabharata

With a bright mind of his own he operates with passion

Often in conflict with Krishna's choice of action

When it came time for their sister, Subhadra, to be wed

Arjuna as husband? Not his choice, someone else instead

He takes regular delight with his club in physical sport

And became the guru for Duryodhan in the royal court

Balarama also has his hand at the game of chess

Making his moves of dexterity and finesse

Krishna holds his flute, Balarama holds a plough

He uses it to command a river, "Come here right now!"

Balarama just wanted to bathe in her liquid freshness

As you can see, he is colourful and precious

The word rama indicates his fun side

Character noted, his uniqueness can't be denied

Younger brother Krishna massages him as a service

Their brotherly love is always there to urge us

- By Bhaktimarga Swami

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