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Friday, November 10th, 2023


It looks like security has been stepped up at Union Station in Toronto. During my arrival at 4:50 a.m., a uniformed personnel member said, "Via Rail opens at 5:30," and so a group of us train travellers tried to be patient at the corridor. I, however, decided to pace outside in front of the station.

There's the Royal York Hotel in front of me. In the western sky is the CN Tower. At the entrance of Union is the "Monument to Multiculturalism" by Francesco Perelli. Images of optimism.

Security began to permit passengers to go down the lobby and line – up for the Montreal train #4. There before me was a happy family, a senior couple, with their lawyer son and their daughter who recently got married at our Miami temple in Coconut Grove. They greeted me with a "Hare Krishna."

Next to me, as a passenger on the train, was a very friendly and curious Montreal woman. We sparked up an amicable conversation, but I hate to say, she smelled like a tobacco barn. I had to tilt my head toward the window for much of the journey. Oh well, Krishna, what to do! Finally, I arrived in Montreal after a 6-hour journey, and celebrated Him in His form as Damodhara, the Personality who, as a child, became bound by the rope of lesson and love by His mother.

There was chanting and a class given by thy humble servant. We discussed how our Creator does these wondrous and splendourous deeds as a child.

4 km

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