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Wednesday, March 6th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

My good friend, Guru Prasad Swami, mentioned to me, "The mosquitos are actually doing a service they are forcing us to dance during the Kirtan." Naturally I concurred with him on that.

Such holds true for the walking that we do. After the announcements to the Mayapura network I have that one minute to add to the recent news before going on our walk. "It's the first day for presenting our drama 'The Age of Kali' so you are all invited to come."

One of the actors, Comfort, is warming up and doing his solo for the evenings performance of "the age of Kali".

With our trekking we found new, or rather old trails not much used by the locals. We got a bit adventurous this morning. Although the terrain is rather flat in the area, there does happen to be ponds, creeps, gulleys and ridges. We came upon some of that dynamic in a new found territory at some distance from the up and coming Temple of Understanding. I even caught Suta Goswami helping up Singa Avatar at a wet slippery slope. Some of us have glorified flip-flops for foot ware.

Anyways mission accomplished on that front as well as the performance in the evening. We filled the auditorium and received a rousing response from the audience. We had the Bhakti band from Toronto, "Mahapuran" as the opening act and they were so much appreciated.

I feel that our guru, Prabhupada, was really pleased.

7 Km

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