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Thursday, March 7th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

My morning arati is spent in the Samadhi where you see a beautiful brass image of Prabhupada, our guru. The curtains of this deity are drawn at 4.10am and a host of worshippers, all bhakti yogis, are there for viewing and chanting. If I could be a tough critical, the Kirtan ends up being something you might call ecstatic chaos. The acoustics to this domed building are such that it cannot accommodate gongs, shakers, symbols and drums. Even the instrument we call the voice finds it a hard fit unless done in an archopelo style. You just cannot make out a word of any mantra which because of the particular resonating echoes.

It's just too bad. Some adjustments need to be made and although I'm a senior monk I am just a visitor, so it's a task to change things.

Below the major Samadhi floor is the auditorium where we perform "The Age of Kali". There we have some sound issues as well but not as acute as in the high- ceilinged hall up above.

It has been our third staging up the drama in the auditorium. "Mind blowing" is the description coming from viewers. The piece is strong, energetic, philosophical and entertaining. The make up by Govinda, a local artist is extraordinary, he is meticulously good. It reminds me of the monks who share rooms on the same floor with me on the Goda Building. Everyone does their own laundry which gets hung out at the floor's veranda. They are so particular about it all which is a good sign.

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Swami R
Swami R
Mar 12

Nice dharshan of our founder Acharya!


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