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Friday, December 8th, 2023

The Annex, Toronto

Our theme for the Bhagavatam discussion today was on the subject of the time factor. There are many quotes about Father Time, the companion of Mother Nature. Father Time is known for being undefeatable. He conquers but doesn;t necessarily require to be feared. You work with him. Cooperate. His message is “let’s mature”.

In the Gita, there are three locations where God is identified with “time”. Chapter 10.30 and 33 and then there’s 11.32, which describes Bhagavan (God) and time, the subduer; time as eternal; time as the destroyer of all the worlds.

I gave the assignment to those attending the class. “Please research where you can find the references to the time factor.” The index to the Gita, I discovered, does not offer complete information. With my first attempt at scouring through the Gita, especially in those chapters where Krishna (Bhagavan, God) is referred to as dominant in some feature in this world, it came quite clear that those three spots in chapter 10 and 11 were obvious.

We are all influenced by the clocks ticking away. From it, we are urged to move to act, to produce, to plan, to grow, to die, to be born and die again.

Time pushes our patience. It does us a great favour.

Time is God, or at least one of His forms. Let’s give it the due respect.

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