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Friday, March 8th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

The sun was just rising and along with it various forms of life were astir. We were on our stroll or what I call, "Jackel home" when a group of perched birds above us were singing their song. Facetiously I remarked to those feathered friends, "Don't do it on us!" which ignited some laughter from our pedestrian friends.

All that was cool until three hours later, on the way to the local school for some presentations, one of, I guess a cousin of the group of "birds", relieved himself on me. It was a big batch of bird many that targeted my left arm. Interesting colour- a light brown in tone rather odourless. It triggered another laugh, a cute and respectful one.

At SMIS, the school, a stage was erected by the pandal tent where a talent show was entertaining the crowds. Children offered their best dance drumming, songs etc. Well, it was time to rush to the samadhi to prepare for today's "Age of Kali."

After the show.

At practice time we always fine tune. That tweaking we do is forever. In general there is always the need to improve. We are not perfectionists, but almost. For the pleasure of Krishna and guru. That should always be the objective at any project.

Our third public night for "Kali" was just stupendously executed. The extra practice always pays off. Great applause.

6 km

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