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Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Sunday, August 20th, 2023


After a long ride on teh road, I received a book, Tributes. Here is my tribute to Srila Prabhupada, our guru.


It does occasionally come to mind

That is you were to drop in at any time

Would you be pleased with what you see?

Is the house in order as it should be?

I’m sure you would witness some growth

The standing in queue for many taking their oath

Numbers have always been important to you

Whether people, land, schools, books, buildings anew

You may be informed many people have come and gone

At the same time so many have just stayed on

Apostasy is a reality that would stir in you a reaction

For you are as thoroughly a person of compassion

You taught us to always take note of figures

Because it means we duly reflect on mirrors

Deserving our count are sacred wisdom, food, and sound

These items identify our three stakes in the ground

Another gauge that would indicate we are moving

In our expansion that maya is disapproving

Is the happy faces destroy duress

Happy servants are a clear indication of success

Conversely you would not be proud of us when we fight

When the tyranny of “either/or” declare “I am right”

You made it known that bhakti is cooperation

A harmony of honey-coated hearts in collaboration

Frankly it is odd to think you are not already here

Your laser perception breaks barriers, keeping you near

Our love for you is shown through our surrender

When we drop the tendency to be a big self-defender

We love you because you are the emblem of acceptance

Prabhupada, in your equal vision you make all of us dance.

4 km

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