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Friday, February 9th, 2024

Alachua, Florida

As Chaitanya Charan kindly drives me to the next destination, Tampa, I am observing the Spanish moss. It looks invasive and parasitic. Apparently it's not. It does give off that feeling of mystical to spooky and is unique to Florida. 

He and I got to talking about something else. "So many people from other parts of the country are moving here. Prices are better. It's not as liberal as the west coast. Florida is conservative".

We drive by these billboards. One of them reads, "Real men love babies." The message carries an anti-abortionist sentiment. The image is of a blown up man and baby connecting with each other. 

Then Chaitanya mentioned that one reason for the migration from places like California are that people are disgusted with schools inviting drag queens to "educate" the children.

Chaitanya Charan drove back north to Alachua and so I am staying with a wonderful South Indian couple in Tampa. From here I was brought to a yoga studio. Promotion for the event was to share an evening with the Walking Monk. Kirtan, dancing, poetry, philosophy, mantras and food occupied our 2 hours interaction and presentation.

Speaking of migration one of the attendees is from Midland in Canada. He's not exactly what you call a "snowbird" escaping winter blues. He met his love from Florida and they both came for the bhakti yoga experience. 

4 km

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