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Friday, March 10th, 2023

243 Avenue Road, Toronto

A Blizzard confined me to the indoors for the day. In such circumstances, I find that I can at least do some pacing within our sizable temple room period no, I will not surrender to a clunky treadmill. No space for such devices but I will wait until the storm clears an accept some snowy uneven terrain. ‘Natural’ comes first in my books period I feel very much the same about cars. Walk if you can. Avoid those deathtraps when possible.

Prabhupada Priya, visiting us from Florida, began teaching the ISKCON Disciple

Course, and this is indeed helpful for clearing issues on the topic of ‘guru.’ There is definitely an amount of confusion surrounding guru. ‘Guru’ simply means ‘teacher’, although those who coach or mentor others in the science of the self and self with a capital ‘S’, are doing something unique.

In the Bhagavatam class I delivered this morning, we touched on guru also. “Guru is a human being with his/her feet on the ground. Guru is not God, but a representative.” I went on to say that we all will be gurus someday. “At least, some of you will, because the wisdom must be transferred to the next generation by example as well as by word.”

Teachers are indeed in society, and that's the way it will always be. We cannot say that ‘the buck stops here,’ meaning that a succession of gurus ends with Jesus, Guru Govind Singh, or Prabhupada. The practice of transferring wisdom is perennial.

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