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Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

North Beach Durban, South Africa

I was not disdainful towards wearing any standard dhoti. I secured a pair of yogi pants because it was totally practical to use them for our practice. The Durban's version of "The Age of Kali" calls for a swivelling office chair for our leading man playing Kali and I was to demonstrate some fancy moves with the chair. Has anyone ever tried to go up and down a ladder with either a dhoti or sari? Not advisable! Some thing with an office chair on wheels.

Our troupe went on site to practice by North Beach in Durban and get accustomed to the rented stage. It looks good. Nice height. The surface has spring. Too bad we couldn't don swimming trunks and go for a dip, as the great monk, Chaitanya used to do. Locals discourage getting into the water right now - "too much E. coli" they say. I guess going into a public pool saturated with chlorine is okay. The rehearsal was wonderful.

Now Bhakti Chaitanya Swami got back to me with a video praising the book "The Saffron Path." Well presented! I hope you live long, he addressed, "with your service."

That was heartwarming and hit the spot. Thank you, Swami, for the kindness you show me.

We have swamis visiting The Rath Yatra. There's Rama Govinda from Botswana. And today Indradyumna Swami arrived. He is the originator of Durban's festival of Chariots, he's a real festival man. We all seem to specialize in various services. And that's fine, as long as your service is an offering to Krishna.

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