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Thursday, May 18th, 2023

Christie Pits, Toronto

On our Zoom “Gita Chat” call, our group discussed chapter 15, “The Yoga of the Supreme Person,” wherein There's a whole description of the banyan tree. Near the end, we dwelt on all kinds of trees. From that discussion time, i left for my walk connected with trees (especially the lilacs), and then people.

On my way I met four religious students from Tennessee who came with the group on Monday. They remarked how their visit to the temple was a highlight.

Further on, kiddy corner to the Christie Pits Park, a young fellow stopped me for a few questions to which I gave the following answers:

Q: What can I do to fix my weak left wrist?

A: Apply mustard oil in that area, and if you get some relief, most likely you have arthritis, so you get it treated. You might try yoga for overall health improvement – surya namaskar.

Q: I want to improve my strength. Can you tell me of a martial art that can help?

A: I work in the field of bhakti yoga, which is a gentle art. Check out our ashram.

Q: But what about if some tough guy tries to intimidate me?

A: Move to a better neighbourhood.

On Christie Street, a fellow offered pranams and explained he had been doing yoga with arms outstretched and with index fingers touching the thumbs forming two circles. He put both hands with fingers in that pose.

“These are the eyes of God,” I said, and he really appreciated that.

A Vietnamese girl and Nepalese boy wanted my attention – boyfriend and girlfriend, I guess. She was Buddhist, he, a Hindu. I explained we all unite in Krishna’s service.

6 km
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