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Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

Brampton, Ontario

After getting some dental cleansing done in Brampton, I was kindly driven to my home at 243 Avenue Road, Toronto. Nanda Drove me to the dentist, and Rasaraja drove me for the return. I took my walk accompanied by my japa beads. It was evening darkness now, and a couple passed by. I got that remark from the woman which is quite common, “That outfit you're wearing is really cool.”

“Thanks, and it's really comfortable.”

“Take care,” she said.


I returned back from Ramsden Park, which is just across the road, so ideally located, and prepared myself to end the day. But before that, I rummaged through the meager pile of papers, documents, letters, what have you, that I've accumulated since the start of the year. I came upon a letter from a family friend by the name of Linda. She completed reading my book The Saffron Path and liked it, quoting a few of my remarks like, “More walking and less squawking.” She also liked when I mentioned the Vedic aphorism, “We are not these bodies; we are spirits.”

Linda mentioned in her hard copy letter her own experience walking the Bruce Trail while training for the famous Camino in Spain. Watched to the letter, though, was a clipping from her town's paper, The Mitchell Advocate, informing of a local man, Harry Norris, and how he walked the equivalent of across Canada, which is more than 5100 miles (8200 kms). At 77 years of age, it's not bad at all. It appears he's walked four different causes. In any event, his more than 21 million steps makes him a hero in my books.

3 km
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