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Thursday, February 9th, 2023

Mayapura, West Bengal, India

This day was the first day to meet a favourite author of mine. Of course, I am referring to the category of spiritual wisdom. In the Lotus building at noontime, there he was, Krsna Dharma, at a wholesome meal with an empty chair next to his table. I took full advantage of the opportunity to get my few minutes with him. I let him know I’ve admired his rendition of The Mahabharata and The Ramayana. His renderings have been very useful to me as a resource for any script writing on those relevant topics.

He told me a little about himself. He was born and raised in London, England. He took up writing after becoming a monk. I asked him about his spiritual upbringing and said there wasn’t much there, just some church participation in his younger years, and in his secondary school level, science became a preoccupation. It seems like a regular pattern for many people in the modern world.


It got me thinking that church and faith often teaches about good behaviour, about kindness, and a belief in a greater power beyond our ability. It seems in the world of science, more emphasis goes to how to use the world with its resources more to our sensory pursuits, not often about a respect for the physical world. It has more to do with exploiting in addition to the exploring.

Mind you, blunders by both communities, the religious and scientific, have been committed. The natural world is for us to use and enjoy, but not to destroy.

I met a lovely couple from Guyana who are here for the first time. I was happy to hear they joined an outfit in their community whose foundation is to clean up the environment.

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