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Sunday, June 18th, 2023


“Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?” The classic puzzle.

This query can be settled in simple terms when raised as a doubt. Perhaps there is so little need to be frustrated by the riddle.

When visiting our Oakville community, which meets every Sunday at the I Gita Yoga Studio, I took the liberty to point to verse 14.4 from the Gita itself on this Father's Day in addressing what doesn't really need to be a problem at all, at least in my mind. It is declared by God, Krishna Himself (who is actually the rooster), who impregnates the chicken in order for the egg to be produced. Question?

It is put like this: “I am the seed giving father.” Life starts with Him. In other words, He is the origin, the Source. Further to explain in the purport by Prabhupada is this: “All these appearances (of living entities) are due to mother, material nature, and Krishna’s seed-giving process.” With this last statement it is indicated that it's a tie between the Source and the Force; between the male and female, or it would appear so.

In any event, it was announced at both venues that I attended today, by the respective speakers or MCs, “We are reflecting on fathers and their contribution to the world.” Everyone was OK with praising that group known for producing, maintaining, and breaking ‘stuff’ consistently; unfolding a cycle that persists. All hail Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva – three manifestations of Fatherhood.

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