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Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

Rosedale, Toronto

One of the things I like to do most is to give a class on bhakti. Today was my turn to deliver the message from the Bhagavatam, Canto five, which addresses the complexities of cosmology from the Vedic perspective. The verse was technical presenting the measurements or distances between our planets, beginning with Chandra, the moon.

The task in delivering some inspiration from the more technical side of things is to motivate th listeners towards devotion. It becomes obvious that one can become awestruck by the cosmic construct, and that humility forms the basis of a loving relationship with Our Divine Intelligence, Krishna.

It is left to the listeners of the class whether I succeeded in pulling the bhakti component out of the verse or not.

Less to do with the planetary system and more to do with the literally ‘on the ground’ situation here on planet Earth, I managed to round up four of us for the afternoon trek. With sun in the face and fresh air to breathe, all went well until Ashvin got too close to a dog (the size of which was more like a black bear). The canine creature left some teeth marks in Ashvin’s leg, compelling him to get to the doctor. All is okay. But what I’ve seen in our dear Ashvin is that he is bold and frivolous.

At the temple, a good number of young folks showed up for Holi. When giving a second class of the day to this curious crowd, I let it be known that we don’t throw the traditional Holi colours within the walls of the temple, “But you can upon leaving, pick up some snow and hurl it in good fun, as the park nearby has plenty of it.”

On Wednesday, there is Meditation Evening, which translates as ‘exuberant chanting.’ That is, indeed, fun.

5 km

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