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Saturday, October 28th, 2023

Pune, India

I feel that my day is complete when I have delivered at least one class or one presentation. It was my good fortune to give a class to an enthusiastic group at the local Voice, a centre which is set up to house college students who reside there and learn bhakti. What a great program for a generation of men who want to establish a foundation for themselves as they will be (at least most of them) husbands and fathers. Their effort contributes to the wellness of the society.

In the chapter "Questions by the Sages," two themes are covered – fear and shelter. Fear is a natural component in life. "A certain type of fear arises in all of us," I explained, "an uncertainty that triggers action." In their case, as students, they are hoping to succeed in their studies with a desire to pass those exams; that is not necessarily a negative feeling or emotion.

These young men have a whole world to face. It can be adventurous and exciting at times. In regards to the fine questions they lodged towards me, a sincere concern was the fear that their excitement for bhakti, their spiritual side, would wane. The answer to such questions lie in the second theme – shelter. When a sincere seeker of the truth draws himself to a peer who carries a spiritual confidence, you can call that 'shelter' or 'protection'.

As I sat facing these 50 or so students, hearing from them and seeing their responses, I really felt for them. They were soaking up the kirtan and the back-and-forth discussion, and enjoyed some comfort from it all as well.

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