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Sunday, February 4th, 2024

Alachua, Florida

For the closing presentations at the medical conference Ayurveda discussions came up and a local yoga teacher, Krsta, got us all excited when she conducted a session on movement and breathing. That just about completed the conference until the Sunday feast talk delivered by yours truly. Verse 18.78 was the passage I spoke from, having a look at bhakti's major benefits, which in Sanskrit is sri, vijaya, bhutir and nitir. 

I chose the same verse to speak from the Gita 18.78 once I arrived in Alachua, a large town of devotees. I hadn't seen the community for 4 or 5 years. We are all getting older. By the way Krishna empowers I didn't have to repeat the class twice. I was inspired to say many fresh things instead of a duplication. Did I prepare for either talks? No! Thank you, my Lord, for giving me new concepts for what for what does not originate from you. 

Subsequent to 18.78 was an initiation just outside the temple room which cannot handle the smoke from the havan fire ceremony. Kunti from Canada received her second diksha, and so did an artist, Janaka from Ukraine. A local chap, Charles has been on our weekly Gita chant zoom calls. Upon recommendation from the local admin, he received this honour and is now named Chaitanya Charan. He was kind enough to take me to the building for perhaps my longest interview ever about my services to guru and God. 

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