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Friday, September 1st, 2023

Bracebridge, Ontario

We were not at all that prepared for the hike going forward on a steep slope uphill with flip flops on. What started as a simple stroll on 'The Great Trail' along the Muskoka River ended up more like tackling a mean forest. Of course, that's exactly what happens when you divert from the main trail and get a bit adventurous. But, no problem, really! The ten of us were set for being in the wilderness by cascades, hard and soft-wood trees, a sublime river, mosquito-less space, fragrant wildflowers, and having each other's company.

As I said to Yash, our international student from Barrie, "When you trek through this type of atmosphere your appreciation for Krishna is enhanced twofold." I also had to ask myself about the justification of going on this trail, especially since I'm looked upon as a sannyasi. To answer that, I believe it is necessary as a man of the simple-life order to take people out to where we must spend some time for reflection.

I had already given a class from the Gita to a larger group this morning, participated in a Narasingh yajna, a fire ceremony for the protection of all present by the lion avatar, and offered blessings to the new home of Partha and family. I had completed my daily vow of japa meditation for two hours. So, executing as balance of the rituals with a forest bath is rather appropriate. Besides, it's just a lot of ananda, and that, to a great extent, is what devotional life is all about.

6 km

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