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Wednesday, February 15th, 2023

Mayapura, West Bengal, India

The jackals howl at night. They convince me that evening is alive with music and action. I don’t mind high pitches from wild canines of any kind. I wonder if they ever howl in their holes. For sure they do so under the clear sky, and in recent evenings, under the sliver of the moon. Let me declare all of this as cool.

By the time I’ve hit the trail, birds are noticeable by sight and sound. It’s a new shift of creatures.

One individual that can’t make the walk at dawn, dusk, or in between, is our beloved Gopal in the drama. Parama Karuna, our professional dancer, is suffering from a physical mishap, but not being in total disrepair, was able to pull off a modified version of his exhilarating movements.

Our performance of Witness Gopal met with overwhelming approval by the audience of a packed house in the TOVP hall. This was a major breakthrough for us, for the audience numbered at 1500 people. AND they came on time, which is somewhat remarkable for India. My concern was the potential of the acoustics posing a problem due to the size of the hall’s dome ceiling far above us. With headsets, it came off okay. Mind you, any voices projected from humans can never match the clarity of jackal sounds.

At the end of the show, the appreciations just came pouring out from the audience in the not-yet-completed lobby. There is work to be done – always.

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