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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Friday, February 17th, 2023

Mayapura, West Bengal, India

There are many reasons why our guru, Prabhupada, desired that his students/followers come to India on pilgrimage every year. During his physical time with us in the 70s, many of us westerners made the long flight to converge for sravanam, positive hearing or introspective listening. The basis of presentation and discussion in what we find in sastra, scripture. Words of wisdom are meant to be shared by all. Since the days that pilgrimage began where devotees descend at the sacred places like Vrindavan and Mayapura, there has always been that sharing of information meant to purify the heart condition.

Another reason for Prabhupada’s request for us to make the annual trip to India was to see how some things are done, especially in the way of hospitality. I was told that in an interview, actor Patrick Swayze, who had visited India for acting in The City of Joy, remarked that the world can learn much from the culture of India.

Our drama crew visited the home of one of the employees in Mayapura, and the hospitality was phenomenal. People here really know how to treat their guests. It reminds me of when Bill Clinton, US President, was welcomed on a visit to India. We felt honoured, almost as if he were Bhagavan, God. I’ll give credit to Krishnandu for such a great arrangement, which included a shower of flowers, ladies ululating, a foot bathing, an opportunity to speak, an amazing grainless meal, and chanting. It was just wonderful, and it took place by an ancient tree.

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