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Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

Ramsden Park, Toronto

I was standing at and reading the historic plaque situated at a juncture of two sidewalks. The plaque showed two boys waiting in the Creek that was once where I was standing. At that moment, came a young cyclist. He wore a helmet. My guess is that he was about eight. He made a turn, an acute one at my left, then to my right at the juncture. I believe he never saw a monk before. He set his eyes on me and wasn't watching where he was going. The woman he almost ran over gave an alert call. She didn't seem to take offence. The cyclist carried on while the woman relayed to me what happened.

For myself, well, I was quite absorbed in what I was reading. I cannot claim to be a super history buff, although I like the subject. Canadian and American history intrigues me, while I also carry a weakness for India – where and how it was in ancient times. Our very kind guru, Prabhupada, would always wet our appetite for antiquity. He would tell his disciples about the moguls and the British when these dynasties occupied India for hundreds of years, and all of his contemporary times – the partition years, Gandhi, Nataji. Most interesting was how he explained the spread of warrior tribes from the intimidation of avatar, Parasurama, and how the world became occupied by the kshatriyas from India. I relished looking at the connectivity of it all. One day, maybe sooner than later, the world will see the special link we all have with India, and more specifically, the spiritual connection.

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