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Thursday, November 23rd, 2023

243 Avenue Road, Toronto


I was asked to, “Do something different,” for the Bhagavatam class in place of the usual format. Since I am on a fairly regular roster for this great book’s morning presentation it was felt that an approach along the lines of an “out-of-the-box” experience would be helpful for the students and members of the Bhakti Academy. I was up for the challenge and decided that everyone in the group, numbering 20, would participate freely.


Here’s what we did:


I read a verse chosen for me from Canto 3 of the Bhagavatam, when sage Vidura speaks with sage Maitreya. In the divinely inspired purport by our beloved Prabhupada, the dominant theme was personalism versus impersonalism.

“Okay! Let’s have break-out groups with each one presenting a skit on the topic of how we all portray some brand of impersonalism despite our claim as lovers of God and humanity!”


The four break-out groups were to carry their own hurtful but humourous take on how we are cold with our dealings at eating time, at kirtan chanting time, at book distribution time, etc. While the final, fourth group would enact the real warm dealings with the above scenarios.


There was so little time to prepare each of the skits but everyone was definitely flying high on the innovation and presentation. Much was learned on this topic of fragility when sensitivity is so much lacking in the realm of impersonalism. We are often guilty.

Sometimes these little changes in our learning approach can do wonders.

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