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Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

Rosedale, Toronto

Good outlook! Good output!

I sprung open the door this morning and was hit with a fresh whack of air. Instinctively I felt I wanted more of this. I thought of the phrases above – “GO! GO!” or rather, an acronym for good outlook, then good output.

The good outside was beckoning me to start moving those legs and body through that welcoming air. In other words, the message was, “Take me in, and I’ll reciprocate with your health.”

While taking up this great offer, I thought not to go it alone. There’s our two new Ukraine men, Anuttama and Dishkesh Ganga, whom we shared the morning kirtan with, and not to exclude our dear Vallabha Hari from India. We took to trails and alleyways of Rosedale in good stride. The energizing nature of the exercise was rewarding. It felt like an investment was made for the day ­– the taking in ­– the pranayama – the company, or bonding – the japa chanting – the occasional light joke. It’s called bonding, I suppose.

I always believed that optimism breeds good vibes and productivity. That was the spirit of my father and of Prabhupada. It rubbed off on me as how to approach life.

In the evening, I dined with Jason, a friend and yoga teacher from Orangeville. The hour or so chat with him was an experience of positive outlook, and hence, good output. It seems he’s applied himself so. There are days where we must surround ourselves with such kinds of people. That’s where strength comes from.

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