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Wednesday, August 9th, 2023

Winnipeg to Thunder Bay

A nine-hour ride is adventurous, especially when you observe changes. From Winnipeg the flat endless openness becomes replaced gradually by trees, then rocks appear (the Great Canadian Shield), then lakes and numerous waterways. We are relishing the diversity and the deep greens and blues.

When the care goes for a recharge, it becomes my time for walking. During this time, I meet motorists, those who wave a hand and those indifferent. At a place in Ignace, a small town, I met Harpreet Singh who's from Kenora and works at CP Rail. I also came upon William from Windsor. He is homeless and has become a drifter. He looks quite decent and bears a Blue Jays baseball cap. I told him I'm a monk because he was curious.

"I am like a monk," he said.

"In some regard, you are," I agreed.

"I don't drink!" he declared.

"That's good!"

"I do take mushrooms... I was wondering if I could join and be a full-time monk."

"Well, there's a book that can inspire you to get there." He gratefully accepted and stuck it in his backpack. I hope he does well. My reflection on the matter is that drugs kill people's spirit, as does quitting on your partner and quitting on your kids. There is so much to be said about the dysfunctionality of the social conditions today.

"Take care, William!"

Down the road we see nature in all its gorgeousness. We came upon a unique sculpture on the side of the highway and it was telling us the other side of nature. The sculpture piece was of a large metallic black fly and how it victimizes. Quite awesome!

Finally we arrived in Thunder Bay to ignite kirtan at ISKCON Thunder Bay.

6 km

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