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Monday, April 8th, 2024

Central Flacq, Mauritius

Few folks were talking about the solar eclipse that occurred yesterday. I recall that last one of 2017. I was in Utah, on a major walk. Truly, life just goes on. For those of us at Bella Mare, we were observing a partial sunrise after completing our mantra meditations.

Both Kada and I had some interaction with Mala and Alain, at the Residence Hotel. Mala, I know, through her sister from Canada. Mala is a Free Mason, humanitarian, activist, intellectual, Our discussion was stimulating ranging from the world’s injustice to the less mundane, to the actual calming effects of Bhakti. It’s always a relief to land on the philosophy of egalitarionism and how we are not a physical identity but a spiritual entity. Aham brahmasmi. 

From South Africa I received a message from Bhakti Chaitanya Swami a big “Thank you” over the book, “The Saffron Path” which he just finished reading. “Thank you for doing this. It is interesting how you dealt with all these people along the way.” The swami went on praising it like anything. 

My final wrap-up-for the day was at the accommodation where I’ve been staying in Central Flacq. It was suggested that I show some moves for dancing. So the whole house of visitors partook in the simplest of dance steps. How can you not dance when you have the best of drummers pulsating like crazy. We are dancing spirits.  

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