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Tuesday, May 30th, 2023


The fellow next to me on the WestJet flight from Calgary had just placed his guitar in case in the overhead bin. He made it clear to the flight attendant that it is a special, very expensive guitar, and that's where it is going to stay occupying the entire bin. He was adamant.

I thought there was going to be a scene, especially when the attendant said firmly, “That's not how they do things on this aircraft.”

“It's not moving,” said the guitarist. It almost felt like a showdown about to happen. But it didn't. By some miracle, it all smoothed out. When we finally landed, this next-door passenger, the guitarist, not anxious to get in the queue, simply said, “I’m just in a ‘Be Here Now’ mood.”

I just thought that was novel. Another encounter happened.

In the evening when I went for a walk in Toronto, I walked by a couple sitting on a bench. We waved at each other. I also sat on a bench for a break some metres away. They came to me and started talking. “Hi,” said the guy, “I’m Jonathon. This is Madelin. We are friends and we're just talking about some issues she's having in a relationship with someone. She's just trying to chill with it all, and then you showed up confirming that things will be alright.”

Of course, that was nice to hear, but I carried on assuring her that her issue will be sorted out. “Give yourself the time needed to make that happen.” We were both leaving the bench area and went walking our separate ways with “Hare Krishna” verbal salutations at the end of our exchange.

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