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Friday, August 4th, 2023

Regina, Saskatchewan

By 6 am we are on our japa walk. While ambling along, we also chant with the aid of our meditational beads. Today, our location was the trail by Wascana Lake where the pelicans frequent. They are accompanied by geese and coots as within the water is food – fish and such.

Mahadeva, Gaurav, and I are greeting the human passersby. Naturally, we want to tell everyone about tomorrow's Chariot Fest. It will likely be a smaller-scaled one than the fests we've recently attended, but it will be meaningful, nevertheless. Off of Retallack Street will be our procession with chanting to highlight our march, and it will be with members of the First Nations in a residential neighbourhood of Regina.

Gaurav has friends here from his past. When he first came to Canada, his first contract was in Regina, so we visited those old friends of his. There was Sandra, and the the couple, Dana and Paul, in whose home we partook in a nice meal.


And while I was delivering another one of those Gita Chat Zoom classes from a grassroots position (literally sitting on the grass) at Regent Park, one Michael Murphy came to sit down next to me as I was finishing.

"Are you a Buddhist monk?"

"Please, just give me a minute, I'll complete my class in a minute." I told Michael that while I'm in town I'm participating in a Chariot Fest, and the First Nations people will be attending. We will be demonstrating peace through chanting, drumming, and feasting. It will be a way to unite in the perfect concept of unity and diversity. "Can you join us tomorrow, Michael?" He said he would.

May the Source be with you.

4 km

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