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Tuesday, March 26th, 2024

Chatsworth, South Africa

Bhakti Chaitanya Swami has a residence just next to the guest quarters for me to take 5 steps to knock on his door and get some good buddhi time out of him. I pooked my head in his door (didn't have to knock), to see him munching cut out papaya. As a god brother we have things in common such as age. He's in his early 70's also, went through the same counter culture experience and have been teachers of bhakti yoga with students and all that. We both agree travel takes its toll.

I gave him my copy of "The Saffron Path." "He's already reading it," said his assistant a few hours later. This book which I offered is reading material with contents that are newcomer-friendly. My preference in putting it into the public relatible information on a personal observational level is get to the core. The book has philosophical elements to it . At times reads like a travel guru with some historical accounts of places I've trekked. I wanted the book to be relevant and less - proselytizing by nature.

I feel the same way with the dramatical scripts we have been working with. I've had to update the content of "the Age of Kali" from a 70's era when first written to a today's version. My younger-than-me actors have suggested such lines as the gift of Kali's 400,000 solar years of unique fun should read "suicides, genocides, disease, riots, missiles and bombs. Rape, pornography, only fans, human trafficking."

"Hold on to your little ones tight. " That type of delivery resonates with today, most unfortunately.

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