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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023

Milton, Ontario

The day seemed promising as far as weather was concerned – clear sky, decent temperature, and so on. So, I suggested to members of the Bhakti Academy that instead of the planned indoor feast outing, why not explore the greater outdoors, get that vitamin D, oxygen, and the like. That idea was sold, and so those who were not caught up in their studies or work made themselves available for a drive to Kelso Lake, an actual man-made body of water that was created to avoid flooding from Sixteen Mile Creek.

Tuesday afternoon is pleasantly quiet at Kelso. The beach is a draw at this time of the week for only a small number of geese as well as us. The group went for a dip, relishing the lake’s waters, and followed with an invigorating walk near Rattlesnake Point. All in all, it became a time to bond and get it on with Krishna in the form of his nature.

We also read some short passages from Prabhupada’s books, and the big seller, Coming Back, which addresses the subject of reincarnation, the next birth versus the no birth, in the material world.

Kelso Lake Is situated at the base of a Cliff, a part of scenic Niagara Escarpment. For years, I've driven by this lake seen from the super-highway 401, a road that many love to hate for its congestion at certain hours of the day and night. I was not aware of the recreational facilities Kelso has to offer, although, it is more or less in my backyard.

I encourage all seekers of the truth to spend some quality time in nature. It definitely brings you closer to the Divine.

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