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Sunday, June 11th, 2023

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hiren and I took to the Chain Lakes Greenway Great Trail! I was surprised, even a bit happy, to see a sticker on a fence post that read, “THE CAR IS A LIE /”, but before I get overly excited, it's a good idea to look up in detail the actual message. Our brisk walk came to an end after six kilometres, at which point we rushed to the home of Savyasacin for a havan (fire ceremony) to honour the one-year anniversary of his good wife's passing.

Shyamesvari (Melissa) was loved, and the neighbours (quite a few of them) showed up at the doorstep with flowers to remember her. It appears that the couple made a great impact (a positive one) in the area simply through the practice of neighbourliness. It was primarily through each other’s children's interaction and The Walking and talking that a strong bond takes place. Savy Is the first person to admit being a chatterbox, and hence, relationships develop. Normally, few people know their neighbours in this crazy world, but in Halifax is burb of Sackville, it's not the case. It was impressive to hear each person come forward and deliver something about the deceased Fair Lady, and the surviving three lovely daughters and hubby. It has not been easy for them.


Enroute to Sunday Krishna Kirtan by car, I encountered a deep sweat, dizziness, and paleness – Cause unknown. But we managed to push through and give the talk from the Gita 6.11 & 12 about having that perfect yogi’s set up, which becomes somewhat irrelevant to the current approach to the yoga of love, bhakti. That, in truth, is the standard we seek – kindness, care, appreciation.

6 km
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