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Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

Toronto, Ontario

Back I am with the sounds of Canada such as traffic roaring with the Christmas passion. And hockey sticks hitting the ice with skates hurriedly cutting into that same ice in the effort to control that puck is producing that sportive sound that makes for a happier display of exerting energy. It’s all okay for me. It demonstrates signs of life. Perhaps the happiest moment for me today was a participation in the “meditation night”. Generally I haven’t been involved for the fact that I found the conference room in the temple in which it is held is far too small for the gatherings. It gets to be a genuine feeling of claustrophobia, yet tonight I braved it and led a kirtan before it became too crowded. 

Being stuffed or crammed into a space for the holy name is a nice problem, isn’t it?

In any event I led a chanting session and with a melody that’s new to the ears of the younger set, yet old and familiar to my 71 year of set of ears. It was fun to sing to a new tune (for them). We began slow, soft and easy, then built up the tempo. Vicki and Hitesh were there to beat their drums to a crescendo but that but not up to an explosion exactly.

I do believe that the month of December is a time for softness, kindness and a sprinkle of passion. This month we celebrate the sound of wisdom as it will be the birth anniversary of Gita’s being spoken just prior to the Christmas date. And thousands of devotees will be distributing that book of glory to needing souls. They already are.

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